Les Bleues lose heavily to Canada


⏱️ It’s over! France lost for their second match against Canada (45-59). Canada chained a second success when the Bleues stalled. It is a great defeat, logical given the clumsiness of the tricolor today.


⏱️ Les Bleues are left behind at the end of this third quarter (30-45). We saw it all: a failed start from home (a gap of more than twenty points), before the Habs found a small address. They are a bit far to get a victory, but we will have to reduce the gap as much as possible.


⏱️ Here we go again! Let’s hope the Blues set their sights during the break!


Is it time for the Blues reaction?

Alexia Chartereau leaves the flat looking defeated. Photo: Brendon Thorne / AFP.


⏱️ It’s the break and France is targeted and abused! Les Bleues are twelve points behind at the break (17-29) and miss their start. Canada finished strong at this time of the second quarter, while the Blues failed to make any of their 3-point shots (0/6).


Shay Colley unsportsmanlike foul against Marine Fauthoux. The Habs pass one of their two free throws (2/4).


2Q, 5′ – 13-17

Counters locked again! The clumsiness of the two teams is terrible.


2Q, 2′ – 11-17

Les Bleues also started this second quarter badly: they already have eight for Canada (9-17).

Fortunately, Gabby Williams wakes up and opens her counter (1/5).


⏱️ It is the end of this first quarter, catastrophic for the Blue. They are only 22% successful against baskets. turnovers, poor decisions and clumsy shooting… France is already six points behind Canada (9-15), not necessarily more in the legs.


1Q, 9′ – 9-13

France takes a long thanks to Berkani. But Canada continues with 2 points and lack of Touré. That’s plus four for Canada.


1Q, 8′ – 7-10

The counter is locked on both sides. Both teams fail to score and stupidly lose balls!


Q1, 6′-7-10

Marine Fauthoux commits the foul and makes one of her two free throws.


Q1, 5′-6-10

Great three-point shot from Colley! Les Bleues are in trouble in this first quarter.

Iliana Rupert scores a first basket as soon as she enters the court.


2Q, 3′ – 4-6

Les Bleues are not successful against the baskets. Fortunately, Canada misses both of its long-range shots. Badiane finally manages to turn around, France returns.


Q1, 2′-2-6

Alexia Chartereau sets her sights and opens the counter for Les Bleues. Canada defends very well.


Q1, 2′ – 0-4

The French pass is intercepted by Carleton. He commits a foul and makes both of his free throws. Les Bleues are yet to score.


Q1, 1′-0-2

A first offensive rebound for Canada, and a basket behind. Chartereau misses his shot, Fauthoux intercepts but is also in check.


⏱️ Let’s go for this second game of chickens!


The starting five of Les Bleues

Marine Fauthoux, Sarah Michel, Gabby Williams, Alexia Chartereau and Marième Badiane will start on the court.


Canada starts its World Cup with success

La Azul’s rival of the day also started his World Cup with success: 67-60 against Serbia. France is second in Group B, with the same number of points as Japan (first) and Canada (third).



This is the number of points scored by Gabby Williams in the first match for Les Bleues. It is also his record with the France team. The 26-year-old winger delivered a complete game (3 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals) and reassured, after Marine Johannès package.


Four years ago, Canada beat Les Bleues in pool

In the last World Cup, in 2018, Les Bleues lost to the Canadians in their last group match (71-60). A bad memory for the Habs, who remain at three losses in their last five games.


Inning win for the Blues

The French women’s team won their first World Cup match yesterday against Australia (70-57) in Sydney. Against a host country that did not have much success in the shot, Les Bleues delivered a very good collective score. Les Bleues got rid of the current runners-up in the world, a first success that should give them confidence for the future.


🏀 Hello everyone and welcome to this live to follow France – Canada, the second game of Les Bleues in the Basketball World Cup! Start at 10 am sharp.

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