Meet Google’s quantum computer

VIDEO – If the race for “quantum supremacy” is in full swing, the obstacles remain as great as the promises

For more than 20 years, quantum computer fantasize. Long theoretical, his promises seem to have reached a milestone in 2019, when google showed that its Sycamore processor was able to perform such a complex and pointless task faster than a supercomputer. Since, IBM joined the club quantum supremacy, but traditional computers have returned to the game, as a Chinese team demonstrated in August.

How do these machines of the future work, pushing the limits of physics and chemistry? And above all, what can they be used for? 20 Minutes he visited Google’s “quantum” campus in Santa Barbara and met its chief engineer, Erik Lucero.

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Optimistic about the potential of this technology that could allow planetary simulations to tackle climate change or discover new drugs, the researcher remains cautious: the sector is still in an analog stage equivalent to that of vacuum tube systems. of the 1940s, and the technical challenges(…) Read more in 20 minutes

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