Why Fall Only Starts Today, Not September 21

The summer calendar will be slightly longer in 2022 than in previous years.

In fact, this year fall it won’t officially start until September 23 and not September 21, as is often the case.

A late fall equinox

This is due to the fact that the equinox fallthat moment in which the duration of the day is equal to that of the night that marks the passage from summer to autumn, it only happened this Friday the 23rd at 3:03 amwhen it most often takes place two days before.

What reminds us in particular southwest , “These variations in the dates come from the fact that the Earth revolves around the sun in 365 days, 5 hours and 46 minutes”, and not in 365 days all year.

calendar fixes

These few hours of difference between the rate of rotation of the Earth and our calendar add up and can lead to significant gaps, which need to be corrected.

“The readjustment is done both by adding a February 29 during leap years (every 4 years) and one or two additional days, in certain years, during the solstice and equinox”, explain the weather channel .

Same in 2023

But the readjustment made in 2022 will obviously not be enough. The Institute of Celestial Mechanics and Ephemeris Calculation, which depends on the Paris Observatory, predicts that in 2023, the autumnal equinox will also occur on September 23.

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